I have worked with Patrick LeClaire for the past 7 years and find him to be a very dedicated, hardworking professional. He is always ready to go the extra mile for you.

-Denise Lorenz

Patrick is one of the most consummate professionals whom I had the pleasure of working with. A true team player, his attention to detail and knowledge of accounting principles and practice are beyond comparison. Combined with that extraordinary work ethic and people skills of yours, he is one of the top professionals I have had the pleasure to be associated with.

-Russ Singh, Senior Network & Server Administrator, Adventist Care Centers

I have had the pleasure of working with Patrick on multiple different projects over the years, and find that his professionalism and knowledge for business has allowed for timely and accurate resolutions to issues. Patrick’s out of the box thinking has given him an edge in the business realm to view obstacles and approach them on an individual level. We had an accounting situation occur and Patrick’s resolution of this issue allowed for a reduction in manpower needed to implement, document and complete the task at hand and in turn will save the company money.

Because of his knowledge and leadership skills I would highly recommend Patrick to any organization who is seeking his expertise in business and finance. What I appreciated most about working with Patrick over the years is his ability to educate others on different approaches, as well as his timely completion of tasks.

-Kristina Bradshaw, B.B.A. Resident Financial Services Rep.Orlando, FL

During my four-year tenure at CFT Wholesale, it has been a pleasure to have worked closely with Patrick LeClaire. I found Patrick to be organized, knowledgeable, and very personable while performing his managerial accounting duties. His positive attitude combined with his thorough knowledge of advanced accounting principles made him an indispensable member of our management team. Patrick’s eye for detail and meticulous accounting procedures contributed immensely to the successful operation of our organization.

-David L. Ashcroft, Operations Manager, CFTW