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Celebration, Florida (July 10, 2017) – New Life Tax Resolution  announced today the book launch of “Taxation with Representation”, the first book-publishing imprint for the company.  

Patrick LeClaire, Author of Taxation with Representation with his brand new-book release breaks down the taxation process from the inside out so you know just what to be aware of and how to protect your business-and yourself-from it. Taxes are unavoidable, but the troubles that come with them are not.

Patrick LeClaire has committed to pulling business owners from the fires of the IRS. “Business has the capacity to create new jobs and with it launch careers for talented and interested individuals. I am decided,  I will be there to help businesses succeed”. He hopes to get 10,000 copies of Taxation with Representation to those business owners that need it most.

Readers of this book have expressed great enthusiasm for the project and have been an encouragement throughout the planning and writing stages. Great support from a talented group of editors and graphic artists made all the difference in the final product.
“I couldn’t have predicted the change in direction this book project would take me. Initially, it was outlined to be a generalized guide to walking safely through the IRS minefield. It became a business book. It became a more focused niche with writings specific to business needs and keeping its owners out of trouble with the IRS”.

Patrick became fascinated with Tax Resolution work after working for a multi-state healthcare organization and solving tax issues at the Federal, State and local levels for close to 17 years. His book Taxation with Representation is based on first hand experiences and is filled with stories of battles that small business face with the IRS most every day.

His book can be purchased in any bookstore and on Amazon. 


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Vannie LeClaire, NLTR Ops Mgr.,, 407-287-6638

SOURCE New Life Tax Resolution

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After 15 years in corporate finance and Tax Preparation, I formed a company as an Enrolled Agent. I insist on superior customer service and the highest standards available as I embark on a journey to resolve one case at a time at New Life Tax Resolution.