I Received a Gift so Special I just said WOW. Kindness Rules.

When people say Kind words about you that are unsolicited, it is a nice feeling. Sometimes it is so special you want to display it in lights….

Here is  what my dear friend Sandy Geroux had to say in print about me:

When I first met Patrick LeClaire, what struck me most about him was his innate humanity and genuine caring, not only for his own family, but for other people and their welfare as well.
When I read Taxation With Representation (a title I love because it reminds us that every taxpayer has rights, regardless of what the IRS may be demanding), I was struck by his passion for citizens’ rights. More importantly, I was struck by his extensive knowledge and experience in helping ordinary citizens resolve tax situations that have either been thrust upon them by their own unfortunate mistakes or, at times, by unforeseen circumstances.
Fortunately, I have never had a run-in with the IRS myself, and have always considered myself fairly knowledgeable about how to stay out of tax trouble. But after reading this book, I realize how much I don’t know about our everchanging tax laws, red flags that could draw unwanted attention to myself and my business, and especially my rights as a taxpayer. I also didn’t realize that there is such a thing as a certified Tax Resolution Specialist who is authorized directly by the IRS to deal with IRS agents and represent taxpayers who have issues. I always thought that if I had a tax issue, my accountant would be able to handle it for me. I now realize that accountants often run into the same brick walls that we ordinary citizens do. What an eye-opener!
Being a current business owner myself, as well as having been a former REALTOR® where I had to pay estimated taxes as an independent contractor, I now see how any taxpayer or business owner can get into trouble with the IRS unless they are aware of what to do, how to do it, and even when to do it.

Whether you believe you have a tax issue or not, do yourself (and your business, if you own one) a favor and read Taxation With Representation. If you are already in the throes of a tax issue requiring resolution, I urge you to give Patrick LeClaire a call. You could not find a more knowledgeable, experienced and yet human and empathetic advocate to help you through the troubled waters of an IRS investigation.
Then do your friends and family members a favor (especially if they own a business or work as an independent contractor) and encourage them to read this book and incorporate its advice into their daily practices. I won’t try to summarize all the great advice offered here, but I believe in my heart that if you follow Patrick LeClaire’s advice, you will be able to avoid the heartache of having to go through anything like the troubles illustrated through his many stories of clients and colleagues who have had to deal with the IRS on complex tax issues. You may even be surprised to see yourself in a few of them.
Let’s face it, we all need a lot of hard work and a bit of luck in order to thrive in business and in life. But when it comes to taxes and the IRS, you need more than hard work and luck – you need knowledge.
So, while I wish you much luck and success as you travel this road, I know that you will have a much easier journey if you arm yourself with the knowledge offered in this book, and stay out of the sights of the IRS.
Here’s to your (tax) health!
-Sandy Geroux, M.S.

Let’s hope 2018 brings a couple more articles of praise.

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