Clue Me In On Tax Resolution. What Can I expect From The IRS?

Here is a summary answer to many of the important questions that I receive at some point during the engagement New Life Tax Resoluton (NLTR) has with our clients or future clients. First of all the IRS collection tactics can be intimidating and intrusive. The Internal Revenue Service issued over 9 million levies in 2010. […]

Fear Not If You Happened to Miss the Latest Business Trend

Trends are like the Tide; they are constantly changing and changing some-more. Fear not my friend. No matter where you look, people who should know better are caught up in trends.  It’s become part of the parlance of our times, after all, things are “trending” on social media, and trends DO offer the chance to […]

What Is The Hidden Secret Your House Isn’t Telling You?

Your home has a dirty little secret it is isn’t going to share with you; I am bringing the secret out into the light so you can benefit. One thing that nobody does in any real estate market is fight city hall and the assessed value of the property.  For a lot of people, they […]

IRS called: “Pay by Gift Card or go to Jail”. It is Phishing

Recently I received a call from a long time friend who was frantic because her son received a phone call from a person claiming to be an IRS Agent. He demanded immediate payment of a passed due tax liability. Why was  Janice was so upset? She was worried her son would lose his federal job […]

IRS Warns Travelers: Passports at Risk if $51,000 in Taxes Owed!

Many of my friends and contemporaries in the business world travel a great deal for work and pleasure. So, imagine you’re at the airport preparing to board your plane.  You have an appointment with a prospect that could give your business the big name international client you have worked so hard to get. Knowing that […]

Targeting Growth – Let’s Avoid The Biggest Mistakes

During the last few weeks I’ve been doing some research into the biggest mistakes that many small businesses make when it comes time to scale up yourbusiness. So, I’ve put together some observations based on my experience over the last few years on where the mistakes often get made with respect to targeting. It’s kind […]

Speaking to Create Your Niche Audience

It’s a well-documented fact – statistically, people are more scared of public speaking than actual death by several nasty causes and, given the radical differences between a well-polished speech by a professional and the ad-hoc ones we might have slapped together, it’s easy to understand why. We feel, basically, like amateurs when we are, of […]

I Received a Gift so Special I just said WOW. Kindness Rules.

When people say Kind words about you that are unsolicited, it is a nice feeling. Sometimes it is so special you want to display it in lights…. Here is  what my dear friend Sandy Geroux had to say in print about me: When I first met Patrick LeClaire, what struck me most about him was […]

Ten Steps to Increased Sales or Let’s Make a Deal

The constant search for prospects with enhanced Salemanship skills is fraught with dangers and mistakes. If able to overcome the pitfalls of choosing the right candidate your company is able to increase the rate of successful and happy clients. Here is some sound advice from my favorite consultant: If there was ever an art in […]

Are you using the 40% Rule to Expand your Business?

The year 2018 offers some exciting opportunities for our businesses to expand. Tax changes and a rising equities market offer stimulus to an already growing economy. It is the year for all of us to step up and put those growth plans into action. Plant that seed and watch it grow into the dream you […]