Taxpayer Delinquency – File Back Tax Returns and Breath Easy

    Well it’s that time of year again. Soon Federal Taxes will come due and everywhere you look there is a dancing Statute of Liberty or tethered balloons offering tax services. Most city corners offer an amazing opportunity to get huge earned income tax credits. Each one offering a higher refund than the sign […]

When the IRS says: We accept your proposal

  The difference between negotiating a successful resolution or failing to obtain a predetermined sot after outcome may have as much to do with our strategy and its implementation as it does with the IRS. Too often cases are tripped up because of a missed deadline for documentation submission or omitting information that comes to […]

Did you Receive an IRS Notice?Procrastination is not your friend

Facing the threatening letters, calls and visits from the IRS can disrupt our lives on many levels. We are clearly aware of the effect it has on our ability to function in a normal manner in all areas of our personal or business finance. Getting a loan to consolidate bills, home improvement, or a line […]

What should I do if I have several years of unfiled tax returns?

According to IRS Policy Statement 5-133 (IRM “All delinquent returns submitted by a taxpayer, whether upon his/her own initiative or at the request of a Service representative, will be accepted. However, if indications of willfulness or fraud exist, the special procedures for handling such returns must be followed.” In addition, Policy Statement 5-133 indicates […]

Everybody wants an Offer in Compromise. I want one too!

Who wouldn’t want an offer in compromise (OIC).  Who wouldn’t want to pay only a small portion of the taxes owed.  This is the stuff that you will hear broadcast on TV and radio.  You will hear it even more during tax season. Be prepared. For those that don’t know what is an offer in […]

How Can I Get Relief from A Federal Tax Levy?

  People always ask when they receive a levy notice what their options are in having the levy withdrawn. With tax laws and Internal Revenue policies and procedures the final answer always seems to come down to one question.  What are the specific facts in the case? This more than anything seems to determine the […]

Hey Tax Man “What Should I do about This IRS Letter?”

I was having dinner with a group of business people and at some point, the subject came up about taxes. Since most of the owners at the table were small business people like myself I thought they all had full time tax people in their phone contacts. As dinner progressed David asked me how I […]

9 Ways to Avoid a Tax Levy.

The Treasury Department has a reputation for being serious about collecting taxes due from those taxpayers who fall behind or fail to submit them. They have empowered the IRS with an arsenal of weapons to capture taxes from taxpayers who owe. The IRS tools of choice are tax liens and tax levies. People confuse the […]

Two Trust Fund Recovery Stories. Not a Happy Ending.

Trust Fund Recovery Issues require immediate attention. While you may not see yourself in these stories you could find yourself behind the curve once the IRS takes action. Procrastination is not your ally. Call me Patrick LeClaire @ 407-287-6638 because a delay might cost you more that a little money. Check out these stories: It’s […]

Send Lawyers, Guns and Money the sh*t has hit the Trust Fund Recovery Fan.

Understanding the trust fund recovery payment investigation is the first, most important thing you can do when this trouble comes your way. Knowing the uncertainty and potentially devastating effect your case can have on your business and you as the owner of the business should get your attention. the potentially negative outcome should be enough […]