Over the years, speakers, trainers, coaches, and even me have all talked about how businesses can make more money.

One simple thing that ANY company can do to increase sales each and every week?

Make more time.

I know, I know, most of you will think I’ve bumped my head and even those among you who agree with me won’t necessarily agree with how I’m going to tell you to do it.  More importantly, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the office of today is less efficient than a business in that same field 40 years ago.

…and here’s where all of you speak up: “but today, we have better shipping, email, nearly 100% connectivity, and the ability to communicate globally at the press of a button!  There is no way that our companies are less efficient!”

You’re right – the company today is more efficient, but the people in it aren’t.  They have to have a drink on their desk, they need music in their ears, etc.

Here’s my challenge to you to make more time – how much of it are you wasting each day, “checking” email, perusing social media, watching cat videos?  Let’s just be honest – NOT working.  I want you to track that time – every second of it, each day for a week.

I’ll bet you find that you “worked” about 5 hours a day.

Wonder why you aren’t making enough money?  Your part time job has full-time bills!

Now, I know some of you spend a tremendous amount of time in the car or on a plane traveling – can you still do “work” stuff?  Listen to a podcast?  Take in a webinar?   Talk or IM clients and prospects?

The answer, in most cases, is yes you can.

Are you?  Or do you see that (even though it is “business hours”) to not be a time to work?

This week, keep a simple log of your hours and actions each day – and be honest with yourself – nobody has to see this but you.  Log all you time at your desk (there are even some apps that can do that for you) and make the determination to give yourself a promotion this month, from part time to full time.

What happens then?  Well, for one, all that “stuff” that’s hanging over your head from day to day is taken care of and simply goes away, allowing you to concentrate on building new business instead of managing the old.  In other words, putting more money in your pocket.

So do your homework, and look for those hidden time leaks in your business day.

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