Let’s face it, being an entrepreneur or owning your own business can make for some very long days.  It’s a roller coaster that may start your day on top of the world and ready to jump off a cliff by ten a.m.  It’s rewarding, it’s frustrating, and most of us wouldn’t change it for the world.

On the other hand, for a lot of us, it is a far cry from what we thought it would be.

At the same time, too many of the entrepreneurs that I speak with week after week think that simply because they own their own business, they are somehow “forced” to do it by themselves – from payroll to printing and accounts payable to management.  The fact is, no one has ever been successful doing it by themselves.  The myth of the “solopreneur” is just that – a myth.  While there are many well-known speakers and coaches – “personalities” if you will – who discuss how to be better at owning and growing your own business, all of them have a team and that begs the question:  Why would you be crazy enough to try to do it all by yourself?

You can’t and you shouldn’t think you can.

At the very minimum, you need a team of people whom you can trust to take certain actions off your plate – an attorney (not on retainer, but at least in your rolodex), a CPA (Hmmmm…), a bookkeeper, and alignment with your goals from the people you cherish most – your family.

Of course, well trained and skilled employees are nice – if you’re at the point where they can actively help you.  But for the most part, that short list is one that you should have from the very first day you open your dream company.

Without this short list, any endeavor you seek to undertake is exponentially harder when the going gets tough, so the ability to have experts you can call on and your family “onboard” with your dreams is a true non-negotiable.

The funny thing is this, though, that no matter how successful some of the entrepreneurs I know have become, not one of them has ever told me (or even implied) that they would rather just sit at home and do nothing.

Entrepreneurship and business ownership is a calling.  No matter the amount of success you have in it or the challenges you face, you will continue to heed that call and strive to do it better day after day.  Along the way, of course, you’ll have moments of brilliance and moments of doubt, but you will keep getting up when you’re knocked down and keep fighting no matter how hard it looks, if you have the support you need and deserve.

I can’t make the people you love most believe in you, but I can guarantee that no matter how bleak things are, my team and I will always be ready to help make your version of the American Dream come true. Call me at 407-287-6638 when the the IRS has you on their mailing list. Don’t hesitate to call the expert you need so you can focus on running your business without interference.

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