Payroll Solutions: Thinking of Hiring a Third Party Payer?

My client base is full of good business men and women who work long hours to produce a superior product or service. They often tell me it is a team of quality employees that make it possible to be successful. When the Eagle flies on Friday they want to get paid. So you pay them. […]

Starting and Running a Business Owned and Operated by Spouses

Starting a business with the one you love and seeing it grow into a thing of success is rewarding. It doesn’t come without a unique set of challanges and rewards. New Life Tax Resolutions was started as a family run business. Two personal bits of advice and then on to the technicals. Know your personality […]

Business Tax Corner: Let’s Talk About Your Employees

Congratulations you have built up your business and now can afford to hire employees to take over some of the responsibilities you have carried yourself through the initial growth period.   Who Are Employees?   Generally, employees are defined either under common law or under statutes for certain situations. Employee status under common law. Generally, […]

Would you take tax advice or offers from the IRS?

The IRS sent a notice  saying you need to contact them to resolve the issue stated in the letter. If you’re in trouble, the LAST person you’d trust is the person that says you’re in trouble.  That’s  how most people feel when it comes to getting tax advice or offers from the IRS. It’s the […]

What will stop you from Retiring?

Retirement is the time when you stop working completely or reduce work hours  to the point it becomes a minor part of life.  What factors should be considered when planning for the golden age? When we got our first good job, HR asked if we would be investing towards retirement. We started to get a […]

Keeping in touch equals more money in your pocket.

This week, I’d like to talk about some ways that you can use old leads (be they customers or simply interested parties) to create new revenue. Let’s face it – old customers are great.  They can look past a poor customer experience (in many cases) with a sort of strange cognitive dissonance that allows them […]

Who wants a Raise? Start Here!

So you want a raise …. I want one too. Any entrepreneur worth the title is looking for that angle to make more money and not spend more time doing it.  Some choose to grow their businesses vertically, some horizontally, and some by investing in alternate streams of income. What works best?  That is a […]

Turn Old Leads into New Revenue

Let’s face it – old customers are great.  They can look past a poor customer experience (in many cases) with a sort of strange cognitive dissonance that allows them to be more easily retained (within reason) than the costs of acquiring new clients and they offer a chance to expand your own network through their […]

What is an Enrolled Agent?

An Enrolled Agent (EA) is a federally-authorized tax practitioner who has technical expertise in the field of taxation and who is empowered by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to represent taxpayers before all administrative levels of the Internal Revenue Service for audits, collections, and appeals. What does the term “Enrolled Agent” mean? “Enrolled” means […]

Looking for ways to Pay Less Tax? Fix Up the House!

On a regular basis, I have clients ask a most basic accounting question – “How can I lower my tax liability?” That answer is always a hard one, as there are so many variables involved – marital status, income, deductions, credits, equity, home ownership, business ownership, children, etc. One nearly universal strategy I recommend for […]